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Elizabeth Quispe -

Imagine the ability to visualize your product concepts in just a few days, not in a few months. 

Using rapid prototyping techniques, Alpha accelerates your time from concept to design. Our designers can empower your team to move you quickly from concept iteration to testing. You'll be able to present mockups and prototypes that illustrate your ideas, without waiting for internal resources.

We have designers skilled in UI and UX design who can utilize all file formats, and can use a variety of design and prototyping tools to achieve the effects you want. We can use your existing assets and mockups from your design team, or create something brand new. It’s up to you.

We can create rough, clickable prototypes, as well as create more complex interactions, like animated chat bots, playable videos, active form fields, error triggers, and dynamic drop down menus. 

Our designers enable you to:

    • Visualize product concepts in your head
    • Test with the right level of fidelity
    • Get your concepts in front of customers quickly
    • Not waste internal design resources or development time