Step 4: Review Results

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Let's go over how to use data and insights from Alpha to inform your decisions. After you submit a test on Alpha, our team works to understand your objectives, to design research that best addresses them, and to generate results quickly that will inform your decisions.

To view results, open any completed tests to see the results:

  • Click on any data asset to navigate through the questions presented to users.
  • Click on the Explore data icon to slice data by gender, employment, household income, or age 

To review open-ended responses based on patterns from the answers:

  • Click on the magnifying glass to see a list of the top words that appear on the responses and click each word to review responses containing that word.

If you'd like to search for specific words within the responses, instead of reading through every response simply search for the words:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon, and type in the word within the search field. It will filter responses to only those which mention the word.
  • To revisit these responses, or share them, click on Save Filter

If one data point stands out to you and If you wish to surface that insight for your colleagues:

  • Click the Star to highlight the data. This will surface the data point in your the experiment view so your colleagues will see it first.

If you want to know if all users completed a task in a similar way across video sessions:

  • Click on a question in a video transcription to view every response to the question in one view. This makes it easy to compare responses.

Remember, if you have a query you may leave a comment on your test, and your Customer Success Manager will respond to your question.


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Step 4: Review Results
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