Prioritize Tests

Elizabeth Quispe -

Working in an agile environment and using experiments to inform decisions your priorities are fluid. Good news is that Alpha doesn't have to run experiments in the order you submit them.  As your priorities change, so can ours.

  • Click on "All Tests" and click on "Prioritize" to toggle your queue of tests. In this example there are two tests already In progress, these are locked, but with Alpha fast turnaround they will be ready soon.
  • To rearrange the order, click on "Rearrange upcoming", by default tests are in the order that you submitted them, but you can re-arrange them.
  • You will see grey numbers corresponding to the test priority with 1 being the next one that will be running.

If you have too many high priority experiments and want to get them faster, you may want to consider upgrading your account to add bandwidth. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to explore options.

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