Experiment Templates

Elizabeth Quispe -

Experiment Templates are pre-structured experiments that incorporate the most high-value phases of testing. These experiments provide teams with a framework for planning research, and allow you to address different aspects of product development in a holistic way. 

Currently, templates are available for Competitive Benchmarking, Concept Testing, and Design Sprints. 

Templates take the guesswork out of experiment creation and empower you to collect data faster! 


Here's how:

  1. Choose a template that fits your learning objective
  2. Preview the different subtopics, which represent different testing phases
  3. Enter any experiment-specific information for reference, then click 'Select Template'
  4. Add your audience to the experiment, so we can quickly source your target users
  5. Lastly, start adding tests to the subtopics! We've even included recommended tests to help you quickly get started 


Note that all templates are customizable, so you can adjust the content according to your specific use-case.