Step 2: Set up and Manage Audiences

Elizabeth Quispe -

Setting up Audiences in Alpha lets you indicate the type of people you wish to test against. Audiences might be defined by demographic characteristics such as gender and age, or by a certain behavior like "online shopping frequency".

The audience for a test should be set up within the experiment before the test is added. 

Create a new audience

  • Create a new audience in the Audiences sections at the bottom of the experiment page.
  • Enter a label to serve as a unique identifier for the audience and enter a description if further details are necessary to describe the audiences' characteristics. Alpha will use this information to find the right users for your test, so make sure all the necessary conditions are included. 

Add existing Audience

  • In addition to creating a new audience, you can add an existing one to your experiment by finding the Audiences label in the drop-down of the Audiences section.


How To Use Alpha

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Step 2: Set up and Manage Audiences
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