Step 1: Add an Experiment

Elizabeth Quispe -

Testing at Alpha begins with Experiments. Experiments organize testing around a topic or objective you are interested in. 

The topic could be a new product, a new market or specific business metric you are looking to improve. 

In this example, you can see an experiment being created to test a website's homepage following a redesign.

  • Adding a description here will provide context for testing, as well as ensure that any team member looking at this experiment will understand its purpose.
  • Adding subtopics will structure the experiment further, this example divides the experiment into three subtopics. 
  • Once you begin testing you will be able to add tests to specific subtopics making navigation easier across the experiment.

After adding an experiment, make sure to have the Audience created for your upcoming tests.

How To Use Alpha

Step 1: Add an Experiment
Step 2: Set up and Manage Audiences
Step 3: Add a Test 
Step 4: Review Results
Step 5: Create and Share Reports