Prototype Examples

Michelle Chu -

Below are examples of what Alpha can create for your testing needs.

Simple Requests

Clickable Prototype
Create simple prototype with flat screens 
Can link out to live sites (Google Maps, YouTube, etc) that will open in a new tab
EXAMPLE: Pied Piper site

Unbrand Site

Remove brand from existing design
EXAMPLE: Nordstrom site “unbranded” to Stylenanda


Complex Requests*

New Visual Design
Create a new design from scratch
EXAMPLE: Hotel App


Show animations in prototype
EXAMPLE: Reserve in Store App


Active Form Fields
Create fields for user to type into
EXAMPLE: Mobile Sign In

Add a video to play within the prototype 
EXAMPLE: Video Landing Page


Dropdown Menu, Input logic
Allow user to select from dropdown options; based on user input, prototype changes
EXAMPLE: Compression Calculator